My Online Dating Tips – Part I: What Not to Put on Your Online Profile.

I claim to be no expert in dating but I have been online dating on and off for years and I’ve learned a few things that I always like to pass along to my fellow single ladies.

Create a whole new email account that has nothing to do with your last name. This is just so smart on so many levels. If you want to hear more reasons as to why this is so smart, email me at (notice – NO LAST NAME).

I am incredibly weary of giving out my phone number online. Sometimes, I second guess this because I will give a dude in a bar my number from time to time. So what’s to stop a creep from the bar from stalking me just as an online guy could? That being said, giving your phone number is 100% your discretion. For those of us extra paranoid out there, create a Google Voice account and get a Google Voice number. You can give that number out. If he turns out to be a creeper, deleting that Google Voice number is far easier than arguing with Verizon for a day to get your number changed.

If he asks to friend you on Facebook because he “has found girls are not honest in their pictures and they are more honest on Facebook”, ditch the dude for 2 reasons.

1) Don’t give him access to your last name.

2) That’s freaking douche-y.

If I have to tell you not to put your full birth date online ANYWHERE, please go back to 5th Grade computers/Internet call and ask the teacher why. If I have to tell you why you shouldn’t give your social security number out, go home, lock your door, and don’t talk to people. Ever.

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