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Thai “I’m Never Leaving” Land.

Thailand was in a nutshell, breathtaking. Did you know that one of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing that you don’t have to return to a work inbox of 1,000+ emails? Now, figuring out how you’re going to pay for said Thailand trip on unemployment is a whole other issue…but it was worth every cent.

To sum it up in a few short details:

  • I crashed an ATV, was told I was a liability and I could no longer drive, so I had to ride on the back of a boy’s ATV for the tour gripping him. I don’t think he minded.
  • There were lady boys.
  • We rode elephants. Elephants poop a lot.
  • Beaches. So many beaches.
  • 5:00 is Happy Hour in every pool bar in Thailand.
  • I have developed an affinity for seasickness in my older years.
  • Bangkok gets a bad rep. It’s a cool place with too much traffic (much like Los Angeles).
  • I dived off a dock into the South China Sea. That’s rad.

All I have to say is: when are we going back?!