My Online Dating Safety Tips – Part II: Congrats – you’ve made a date! How to meet him in a safe and comfortable manner.

{ a continuation of My Online Dating Safety Tips – Part I }

Congratulations – you’ve navigated, OkCupid, or any of the many online dating sites, kept your identity relatively secure, and met someone you want to meet for a date! What do you do?

1)   Drive/taxi/walk yourself. He’s a stranger. Remember Stranger Danger? This applies here. Even though he offers to pick you up like a true gentleman (and most are!), get yourself to Date #1 on your own. Giving a potential creeper your address opens up a whole can of bad worms.

2)   If he suggests going to his house and cooking and/or taking 1 car from there to your date, decline. He could be a really great chef and he could just be trying to make things logistically easier for all parties involved. Regardless, DO NOT meet him in a private place like his house. Meet in a public spot like a coffee shop, bar, library, distillery, beach, neighbors’ lawn. Frankly, I don’t care if it’s the South Bay’s dirtiest hole in the wall bar, just make sure there are other people there in case of the worst*

3)   Tell a trusty girlfriend the following: his name, occupation, where you are going, and agree on a time you’ll check in. Also, let her know when you get home safe. I know we are all awesome, independent women and we loathe the idea of checking in with a parent/friend/colleague, but at the end of the day, your safety is the most important thing in the world. EVEN above getting laid.

4)   Have an exit plan. Ever since I was of dating age, my stepgrandmonther insisted I carry at least $20 in cash on me for a taxi home. Cash is always good to have on hand in case of a car breakdown or garage lock-in (see the Mr. Pretentious Part II incident).

5) Have fun!

Online dating: We’ve come a long way baby. 

Image: i probably won’t like you.


*The worst could involve any and all of the following: you recognize his face from America’s Top 10 Most Wanted, oops – he’s actually your female boss’ recent ex-boyfriend, he compares the size of your boobs to his ex’s, he tries to touch you inappropriately, you are 95% sure you saw him drop something in your drink…you get the idea.

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