Navigating the Office Holiday Party.

I for one love a holiday office party. As long as open bar is involved. My new company (I only started this job in July) is holding theirs on Friday and I have high hopes that the night will look something like this…


And not this…When I get home from my work holiday party after talking to married couples all night. (myfriendsaremarried)

(but I’m sure knowing my luck, it will be the latter)

P.S. If you thought this article was about HOW to navigate your office holiday party, I have no idea.  My first full-time job out of college was working for a small start-up smack dab in the middle of the recession so I didn’t experience my first holiday party until age 27. So I haven’t been hit with the jaded boredom of these events that I think most people have acquired. I’ll leave the advice to the good people of Yahoo and GQ to help you out.

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