Mr. Tall Guy.

I hit a milestone at the end of 2012. I actually made it to a 5th date with someone for the first time in 1.5 years.

Mr. Tall Guy was a tall (over 6’0!) sales guy from eHarmony. Something very rare happened our first date. I laughed a lot and actually had butterflies in my stomach. The last time that happened was with Mr. Dog Lover (more on that later) in the summer of 2011.

The first 4 dates consisted of lots of good food, conversation, laughter, and wine. I followed my cardinal rule of not telling my friends I actually sort of liked a guy, because the minute that you do — much like that job you really, really want — it all disappears. But things started to take a turn for weird around the holidays. He stopped initiating conversation and dates. He didn’t wish me a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year’s. I did my best to dismiss this as “People are busy during the holidays” but it’s been my experience that when a guy actually likes you, he’ll make an effort to contact you. I’ve read He’s Just Not That Into You after all.

The last I heard of Mr. Tall Guy was in early January, when he texted me that he really, really wanted to see me but then listed all the reasons he was too busy that weekend to meet up. I decided then and there that I was done trying and if he really, really cared, he’d reach out after his busy weekend.

I should have known better about Mr. Tall Guy; he went to U of Arizona which probably turns out more douchebags than USC and his full name bore way too much of a striking resemblance to my college boyfriend, Ted1 (again, more on that one later).

I’m not sure if this guy fell off the face of the Earth or just decided he would never contact me again for who knows what reason (don’t worry – I know it’s the latter and he didn’t actually disappear into thin air; I’m not delusional), but I don’t look back at the Mr. Tall Guy incident as a bad thing. The good news is that the last time I saw him was technically in 2012, so as they say – out with the old and in with the new! Also, the whole incident was a fresh reminder that it is possible to meet someone online and have chemistry with him. It just may happen every 1.5 years. And once every 1.5 years is sure better than never.

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