An Update: Mr. Face Twitch.

I repeat: Los Angeles is a big city, small town.

I had the most awful revelation a few months ago: Mr. Face Twitch and I work at the same company. Thankfully, this is a large enough company with multiple buildings that I ran into him about Month 4 of this new job and I only see him now about once a month. I have politely tried to make eye contact and smile on all occasions but he makes a blatant effort to not acknowledge my presence.

The first time I ran into him in the office hallway, the world’s most awkward date (circa March 2011) came flooding back to me. He HAD mentioned he had just started a new job in IT at a company near the Santa Monica Promenade and that it sounded like the company was in a similar field as my previous 2011 job (online advertising).

Now that I mention it, the guy is in IT and can probably hack my work laptop and find this exact blog post…

Well henceforth, he will be known as Mr. Face Twitch/Awkward Coworker. If you are hacking this Mr. Face Twitch/Awkward Coworker, maybe work on your social skills and I’ll try to be more careful who I blog about 😉

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