The Orange Muppet.

As an avid viewer of my favorite summer guilty pleasure The Bachelorette, I remain absolutely perturbed by this strange 45-year-old (claims that he is 31…) muppet named Zak that ABC allowed to become a contestant and enter our living rooms. Just look – he’s orange.

{ image: }
{ image: }

And he makes strange faces.

{ Image: }
{ Image: }

I like to remind myself whenever I’m having a bad day that at least I’m not dealing with this spray-tanned catastrophe.

{ Image: Metacafe }
{ Image: Metacafe }

So ladies – whenever you think you’re on a bad date, just thank the dating Gods they didn’t send this orange Muppet man your way.

{ Image: }
{ Image: }

P.S. This post does have a point. I predict Orange Muppet man won’t last the hometown dates tomorrow night and will be sent home. I just hope the old folks at the center for secretly 45-year-olds welcome him back with open arms.

4 thoughts on “The Orange Muppet.”

  1. Haha this is cute. I don’t mind Zak’s personality actually. I can’t wait to see what happens on the hometown dates tonight! The show is so addicting, but I need a good glass of wine to get through some of the shenanigans these contestants try.

    1. You’re right – personality-wise, he’s not too bad, especially compared to some of the d-bags they’ve had on this show (read: Ben). Enjoy your vino tonight while you watch the home dates!

      1. Thanks! I did. And Zac’s family freaked me out a little. The song……

        I think he might turn into the next Bachelor though. Him or Chris if she doesn’t choose him. And something tells me Brooks dumps her this week.

        Cant wait for Monday! (I can’t believe I”m saying that haha)

      2. I’m not sure I think any one of this group of rag tag guys should be the next Bachelor. Bring back Arie! I think you may be spot on about Brooks OR maybe Drew dumps her. I’m excited for the next full episode too!

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