Guest Post: think before you delete…

Today’s guest post is brought to you by the lovely Cara of my jean shorts. Cara takes a deep dive into the murky world of dating and breaking up in the new world of Facebook with her post think before you delete…

Now there’s one thing we should all be jealous that our parents didn’t have. They didn’t have to date in an age where Facebook posted all of your ex’s dirty laundry!

I was recently deleted on Facebook by someone I had briefly dated this year. This would be the second time this year a guy was so tormented by my amazing posts that he just couldn’t take it anymore and had to delete me. I know it can be tough to see me with a fake mustache or enjoying a quiet morning run near the water, so I completely understand where they are coming from. It did get me thinking though “why do people need to be so dramatic on social media?”

First, here are some fun facts about Facebook to catch you up to speed…

– Facebook was founded in 2004, coming up on the big 1-0!!!

– As of last September Facebook had over a billion active users, that’s a lot of ex’s.
– Daily, they have to remove 20,000 profiles
– Facebook is second most searched site behind Google – In 2006 ‘Newsfeed’ was introduced, making it easier for ex’s to get depressed.
– In 2008 ‘Chat’ was introduced, which now entertains many employed people around the world.
– In 2011 ‘Following’ was rolled out. Now all the narcissistic people can not only have a friends list but also a followers list!!
– Currently Facebook is blocked in 6 countries; the Peoples Republic of China being one of them, SHOCKER! They have no idea what they are missing in China: Jersey Shore and now Facebook!

Back to dating and Facebook…

To be precise I have been on Facebook since October 2006. In those 7 years, I have acquired 480 friends/acquaintances (two VERY different things). I would like to say that I know most of these people, but those are slim chances. However, I am sure I have interacted with them at some point in my life… I think. In those 7 years, I have only deleted one ex and well — that’s because we dated 7 years. It truly was painful to watch. Oops, that was a total lie, I deleted the guy I dated after him too! I strictly blame that on the fact I was still grieving the long term relationship.

The need for drama on social media has me beside myself. I prefer to keep my drama to silent stalking without the other person knowing anything of the sort. Who doesn’t love to see an ex with a new girlfriend who has nothing on you, except a few extra lbs. And why go as far as deleting when you can ‘hide’ them? Which by the way, the ‘hiding’ application on Facebook is by far the best Facebook has ever offered. Not only can I hide the ex’s profile til I am ready to see how their life went spiraling downhill after me, but I can hide the girl who won’t stop taking selfies of herself and posting them for all her ‘haters’ to be jealous of.

If we are on social media for any reason it is for pure enjoyment and sometimes to keep in touch. So think before you delete because you could be missing out on some future fun!

{posted by cara}

ps… no one was harmed nor deleted in the creation of this post.

You can catch up with Cara and all of her online and real-life adventures at

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