The Bar Has Been Set THIS Low.

I called my mother the other day to say hello as it was 2 PM on a Tuesday and I was job-less and bored. She did not ask me about my day or job search and immediately launched into Future Grandson Watch — Day 263. For 15 minutes, I got to hear the disturbing ins and out of my sister’s Braxton Hicks cramps (no, I do not know how to spell that).

For a split second, the younger child in me got upset that no one was paying attention to me and my latest unemployment drama. Then, it hit me: the pressure is off. A.’s sad single and unemployed state is inconsequential in the bigger game of the future grandson’s arrival. For the next 1-5 years, my mother will not ask me about my latest, saddest dates, why I haven’t met anyone nice, and when she’ll become a grandmother. Instead, all my family cares about is:

1) Grandbaby.

2) If I get a job soon.

3) Which family member has to take me in which I inevitably can’t afford my LA lifestyle any longer.

The bar has been set THIS low. And damn — it feels good.

On to the next adventure in unemployed–


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