Where I’ve Been and Who I’ve Done

A lot has happened between 2014 and 2016. I applied for and received unemployment round 2 (shout-out to New York and California states!), I did some dudes, and a lot of advertising clients screamed at me. I endured a lot of physical and mental pain, cried on a lot of 4/5/6 train cars, and also danced my ass off in between. Here’s a rundown of the last 48 months of July 2014 – July 2016.

Months 1-2: Welcome to New York. Everything so happy and shiny and new and warm!!

Month 3: Everything stopped being so shiny and happy.

Month 4: I became routinely the last person in the office.

Month 4.5: Halloween night 2014, someone stole my uber and rode it to Coney Island to the fine tune of $168 charged to my Visa.

Month 5: Officially entered noise complaint wars with the stomping monster upstairs in my adorable Lower East Side studio apartment.

Month 7:  Broke my lease on said Lower East Side apartment and moved to the most boring part of Manhattan, Financial District. I sleep like a lamb. 

Month 10: Rewind Guy  #1.

Month 11: I realized I had attained more wrinkles in my forehead in one year in NYC than I had gained in 11 years on the west coast.

Month 12: I looked in the mirror and saw that I was the shell of my former self. I stopped smiling and I couldn’t remember how to start smiling. I went on a trip to Greece with girlfriends from Chicago and LA who said they didn’t even recognize me anymore

Month 14: I entered Therapy. Just what New York needed – another neurotic white privileged woman whining about her miserable life, sexist work environment, and requesting Xanax to sleep.

Month 17: I received The Talk at my job. Long story short, the company eliminated the Account Manager function because they felt that my skills and career goals didn’t line up with the new “sales role” and handed me a paltry severance package. 

Month 18: Rewind Guy #2.

Month 19: Unemployed. Again.

Months 20-24: All a bit of blur. I relaxed at the thought of an empty inbox. I traveled to New Orleans, California, Chicago, and all the places that I missed in the last 2 years. I went on a lot of interviews with a lot of snobby companies, drank a lot of Manhattans, dealt with an ankle injury and moderate eye/vision issue (shout out to Obamacare!), and found my smile again.

Month 24: Employed again. I am cautiously optimistic.

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