My Year in Review

We all know – it was a horrible, absolutely no good year. You can guess my political affiliation based on the 2 coasts I’ve lived in the last decade. I spent more than half of 2016 living on unemployment and the other half not dating. My 2016 in review consisted of:

  • 1 fantastic booze & jazz-filled trip to New Orleans (my first time – highly recommend!) 
  • 2 bad sexual encounters. At least 1 guy paid for my Uber home.
  • 1 subway stair-related ankle injury, sidelining me from my beloved kickball team for a month and the treadmill for 3 months.
  • 2 amazing weddings that were worth the plane rides, hikes, jet lag, and rental cars. I sort of believe in finding love after those. Sort of.
  • 0 job offers for 5 months until it came down to 2 job offers in the same week and I had 36 meltdowns trying to make a decision.
  • 7 eye doctor visits due to an eye issue, all paid for by Obamacare 🙌
  • 1 new therapist who has me chasing down why I’m so lonely (to be continued…).

Instead of ending on a sour note, I want to look to the positive. I am going to let the wise infographic of Purewow speak to the highlights of this grim year:



(Image: Purewow)

Finally, BRING IT 2017.

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