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Lesson #3: Go with the Flow.

Lesson #3 of the 12 Lessons of Christmas: Go with the Flow.

In the midst of the pouring rain in Los Angeles and the prior sub-20 degree weather in Chicago, it never occurred to me that perhaps I should pack a bathing suit for the hot tub during my impromptu trip to Palm Springs. Upon my arrival to Palm Springs, my friends informed that despite the 40 degree at night temperatures, we would be venturing to the hot tub.

Not wanting to miss out on the fun, I promptly stripped down to my black underwear and bra and hopped in the jacuzzi. I also swam laps in the pool and participated in a drunken version of volleyball. If anyone (or security) judged my indecency, they certainly kept their opinions to themselves.

And I smiled the entire time. So go with the flow — you’ll never know where it will take you.

Lesson #2: Just Say Yes.

Lesson #2 of the 12 Lessons of Christmas: Just Say Yes.  Or as my friend D. says, “YOLO > FOMO”

While I was in Chicago (for 2 very long, cold weeks), my girlfriend emailed with the details of a Palm Springs birthday getaway that was set to start 15 hours after my arrival finally back to Los Angeles. The boring part of me said that I needed to spend my weekend resting and doing responsible things like grocery shop and spin class. The fun part of me said, “What the f–k; let’s go!”

So guess what — I said yes, packed my air mattress up in my trunk, and drove to Palm Springs.

I had the best 24 hours of recent memory.

In was raining, never got warmer than 57 degrees, and yet we all had some desert cocktails and had a blast.

There is something to be said about surrounding yourself with good people. You’ll find yourself smiling more than you had in the past 2 months. Take a chance when your mind says no and you may find yourself having the time of your life.