Back in the Saddle.

I actually haven’t been on an online dating site in months but I also haven’t been on a date in well…too long and I’m bored this fall. So I figured why not give the old eHarmony a try again.

Turns out the last time I logged in was January 2010 and my profile still indicated I was A. from San Diego so I had some editing to do. They now have some really fun new questions to answer that are both good for your potential date to know about you and very thought-provoking to ponder on a sleepy autumn Monday evening. Here are just a few snapshots from the evening:

ImageAnyone who knows my love of Lost will understand how vehemently important this question is to me. Really – who would you rather be stuck on a desert island with? Sawyer or Ginger? You know I’m right.

A date who doesn’t drink?? But how are you supposed to make it through a first date without the glass of wine to take the edge off? Alright, you got me eHarmony, one of my most important values include wine.

I guess I’m officially back in the saddle! Wish me luck, friends.

3 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle.”

    1. Thanks E.F.! Agreed – that’s a pretty extreme question! And then you sit there wondering, “Well do I have a problem if my answer is, ‘No, I would not give up alcohol.’?'”

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