On Why I Still Have Hope.

There have been men in my life that I will never discuss in complete detail on this blog. Believe it or not, they affected my life in such positive ways that I am actually inspired to continue to date. How and why these men and I parted ways is not up for public display.

I learned a great deal from these men and about myself from these relationships and well, some weren’t even full-blown relationships. I’ll say the following.

  • I’ve been in love. More than once. Even I can’t believe it but once upon a few times, it happened. As closed off and cynical as I’ve become, I have faith that since I found love once (even more than once) before, it’s possible to find it again.
  • A long time ago, I was dating someone when my old POS car acted up. He handed me the keys to his car because he was concerned enough that he didn’t want me to drive something unsafe and he would drive my car to the mechanic that day instead. As a fearless and independent woman who had learned the expensive ways of taxis when cars failed (or to just drive the potentially dangerous vehicle to the dealership), I was absolutely floored. I didn’t even know that people – much less men – could be that selfless and caring. Regardless ladies: this is why we have AAA and keep guy friends on hand to call for car advice. That was a very rare moment that I am sure will never happen to me again. Plus I finally bought a reliable car that really gets me safely (and in some style) from point A to point B.
  • One morning, I turned over in bed and my male visitor told me I looked beautiful in that early morning light. No one had complimented me sincerely like that in years. Years.
  • The first dates where I actually had butterflies in my stomach. They’ve been far and few in between. But when they happen – they are simply the best.
  • Sleeping with a friend is tricky. Tricky tricky tricky. I’ve navigated it successfully and unsuccessfully. It’s hard to even give honest advice on what worked and what didn’t. Bottom line – enjoy it in the moment, but know that 99% of the time, it’s not going to lead to anything more.

I’ve been on countless dates with the douchebags of LA, such as the Politican, the Mr. I-Have-It-All, the Tall Guy, and while they may temporarily break my spirit from time to time, the memory of the good ones is what ultimately keeps me going in this crazy world of dating.

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