The Rebound.

Just like rebounding from a bad relationship, you need to rebound from a job loss by going on a new interview and getting your first look as to what’s out there. A few weeks ago, I had my first phone interview post-layoff and just like you don’t know how to act on a first date after years in a relationship, I pretty much committed every faux pas on that phone interview.

I got emotional when the recruiter asked why I was no longer at my previous employer. I drew blanks to questions I should have known the answer to. Basically, it was a disaster.

But you know what – I felt so much better afterwards. It’s like ripping off the band-aid of an old wound. Every phone and in-person interview since has gone substantially better.

So, just like re-joining the dating world, I am taking the first steps into the terrible wonderful world of job hunting.

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