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That Time I Was Delayed in Silicon Valley.

Recently I flew up to the Silicon Valley area for an interview at a major internet company. LAX’s computer broke down that afternoon so I had no choice but to entertain myself in San Jose airport for 4 hours. Naturally, my first intention was to head to the bar. I learned:

  • I need a portable iPhone charging device. For the woman on the go like I am.
  • Your family wants to hear more often from you than the infrequent times you are delayed in an airport in California (which btw, I have forgotten in my spoiled SoCal life: airport delays are quite frequent in climates that aren’t constantly sunny & 78 degrees).
  • Fun fact: free wifi in the SJC airport! For Tindering engineers and such!
  • There are no cute young men business travelers in San Jose.
  • However, there are an abundant amount of businessmen from your dad’s generation who will have a beer with you and tell you that your generation is screwed in this economy. To which I gamely replied, “I’m aware, unemployed, have a 401k, and am up here for an interview subsequently. And, yes, I have zero hope for my generation. But I don’t think that’s Obama’s fault.” (Cue the crickets; we were near Palo Alto after all.)

Where I’ve Been.

To give you an idea about why I’ve been so quiet on here, work started to get absolutely insane to the point where I don’t have time to blog, much less date. I could throw all the crazy work acronyms that make up my day like SSP, DSP, but I’m pretty sure I’ve  bored you already.

On top of work insanity, I’ve been…well…everywhere. To give you a snapshot of all the cities I’ve been in the last 6 weeks:

  • Palm Desert
  • Denver
  • San Diego
  • Vail
  • Chicago
  • Huntington Beach
  • …and one failed business trip to San Francisco (endured a 40+ minute TSA line at LAX only to have the client cancel the minute I got to the gate)

To top it all off, I celebrated my 29th birthday where I drunkenly gracefully fell down in a bar in Santa Monica. Don’t worry though, someone did catch me.

So if you are out there – you know – meeting men, let me know! Someone needs to be dating and sharing. Message me at lamatchbook@gmail.com if you’re interested in guest blogging.

Until next time,