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I don’t like the word resolution because I feel that it sets you up for failure. But I like the word goal, so I set 3 goals for myself this year:

1. Have a better year than 2013. The bar has been set low.

2. Spend less time in Excel.

3. Go on less dates with boring men.

So far, I’m failing at one of these goals (Excel, you ‘re a dirty, mean jerk) and going nowhere with Goal #3. The problem with Goal #3 is that it just means that I am going on less dates, period.

That means, fair readers, for those of you going out on dates with interesting men or just anyone in general – I’d love to have you guest blog. Ping me at lamatchbook@gmail.com. I’ll answer quickly because I’m usually home alone with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc or watching Juan Pablo. Or let’s be realistic – both at the same time.


Question: Why do so many guys on Match.com post shirtless pictures?


Ladies in other parts of the US – is this limited to only Southern California? Because they at least have a reason to be posing and running around shirtless most months of the year? It seems to be a rampant trend here in LA.

Or maybe they have all been watching too much of The Bachelor this season and Sean Lowe is their inspiration.