Lesson #6: It is a Small, Small World.

Lesson #6 of the 12 Lessons of Christmas: It is a Small, Small World.

Recently, I found myself at a birthday brunch sitting next to the girlfriend of a short guy I had dated over 2 years ago. It turns that they had started dating shortly after he and I stopped seeing each other, which goes to show that we all have our Good Luck Chuck encounters.

As I chatted with her and sipped mimosas, I realized she was quite a delight and that I could see how they were well-suited for each other. She was also far more petite than I am and much more of a match for short guy — height-wise. I kept it to myself that I had once schtooped her boyfriend, although I think she connected the dots on her own.

I’ve said it once, I’ve indeed said it twice, and my goodness – LA is a small, small place.

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